Many rental real estate owners are tired of landlording and are looking for alternatives to minimize their time commitment and maximize their return on investment.

This video will teach you

An alternative to buying rental properties for cash flow called "Owner Financing".  Many landlords prefer this method as a way to reduce hassles while maintaining a source of cash flow.

This real estate investing technique, when used correctly, can potentially:

  • Put more money into the investor's pocket up front.

  • Minimize or even eliminate rehab budgets.

  • Virtually eliminate maintenance calls.

  • Reduce liability from taxes and insurance.

  • Stabilize cash flow.

Even though this technique has been around for years, many real estate investors still do not know about it.

About the author

Mitch Stephen

Author of "My Life & 1,000 Houses"

My name is Mitch and I know what it's like to be a struggling entrepreneur.  

I tried dozens of businesses before I found real estate and even then, I almost went bankrupt after I bought 25 rental houses and the experience wasn't what I was sold by the "gurus."

Fortunately, someone taught me a new technique.  

My mission is to help as many people as I can avoid the pitfalls that I experienced and reach their goals as quickly as possible.


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Some words on the Training

  • The Art of Owner Financing made it easy for me to get my arms around this amazing technique.  Finally, I can have cash flow without being a landlord!

    Barry S., Arlington, TX

  • This course has been a blessing.  There’s a lot to learn but it all boils down to common sense in an easy, step-by-step process.  He’s taught me to focus on the next step and we’ll get to the other steps when it’s time.

    Brandon G., Cut N Shoot, TX

  • He’s as much a psychologist as he is a teacher.  This course has changed the way I think… and that has affected many areas of my life, not just real estate.

    Jerry G., Houston, TX

  • My favorite part is when I saw the money I spent on this course come back.  Just one little tip that increased the amount I got for down payments has paid for this course many times over.

    Rudy M., Houston, TX

  • The Art of Owner Finance’ is not rocket science. Yes, there’s a lot to know but once you get into it, it’s really just common sense… to the 100th power! When you listen to Mitch it becomes very obvious why his techniques work and why his followers are successful. He is genuine and it is very obvious he cares about the success of his students.

    Bryan R., Florence, AL

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About the Author

Mitch Stephen, author of the book 
"My Life & 1,000 Houses, Failing Forward to Financial Freedom"

A self-taught real estate entrepreneur.

Self-employed since 1996 in his hometown of San Antonio, TX.  A high school graduate, who never stopped learning. Books, CDs, seminars and webinars were his classroom.

Today he specializes in owner financing properties to individuals left behind by traditional lending institutions and giving new life to properties that scar the neighborhoods.

A passionate speaker who delivers the message of integrity first and profits second; an expert at keeping it simple and explaining, in plain English, the theories that made him financially independent. He is always an inspiration to those around him.

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