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  • About Group Coaching

    Group Coaching is the perfect next step for those of you who would like to have some personal interaction time with Mitch Stephen, and get a weekly opportunity to talk about your personal deals and such.

    At the Q&A calls we discuss everything from how to structure your 1st deal, to how to find private money, and much more.  As always, I encourage callers to share their fears and victories.  When we see others overcoming their obstacles, it gives you great confidence.

    You’ll hear plenty of examples of investors who are achieving their dreams.

    The group coaching level includes a weekly live Q&A call, and over 400 hours of recorded Q&A Calls. 

    I want you to seriously consider this level of commitment. I’ve helped plenty of people along their journey, to achieve financial independence.  Join using the form on this page, and I’ll see you on next week’s Q&A call.


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  • Weekly Group Coaching Q&A Calls

    Mitch has been showing up – In Person- for his “Live” group coaching calls every week since November 2011. Each call is recorded and archived. The ability to talk to a pro, once a week, can change everything; especially for new investors.

  • Over 400 Hours of Archived Q&A Calls

    If you listen to the archived Q&A calls in order, you’ll hear investors stepping up to buy their 1st house, then 2nd, then 3rd, 4th, 10th, 15th, 20th – on and on. Hear investors commit to finding private money and then begin growing; finding private money for their first time, 2nd time , for their 3rd deal, 4th deal…on an on. It’s a great confidence builder. If they can do it, YOU can do it!

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1 Year Membership
($500 renewal)