Online Training System

  • Mitch Stephen’s Owner Finance Training includes

    13 easy-to-digest Video/Audio Modules.

    Key Topics covered are:

  • How to Find Bargain Houses
  • How to Establish Owner Finance Value
  • How to Make a Variety of Offers
  • My “Formula for Success”
  • How to find Private Money
  • How to find Home Buyers
  • How to Structure Notes
  • How to Sell Notes with NO Discounts
  • How to Build a Self-Directed Retirement account from Zero
  • How to Increase Buyer Down Payments
  • How to Comply with Regulations
  • The 6 Ways to Get Paid
  • And Much, Much More…

BONUS #1: Recorded One Day Workshop

  • One Day Workshop

    This video captures Mitch Stephen speaking at his Workshop and giving everything he knows about Owner Financing in a One Day PowerPoint presentation. An 8-hour presentation edited down to what’s important to you! This is VERY powerful!!

BONUS #2: Recorded Live Main Event Presentations

  • Mitch on Stage: Live Video Recordings

    Watch two of Mitch’s live stage presentations at The Real Estate Investor Main Event where he talks about his background and how he got started.

BONUS #3: Sample Forms

  • Downloadable Sample Documents

    Every deal has a paper trail. We have included every document Mitch and his office personnel and attorney’s use to create wealth using Owner Financing. You’ll also find examples of advertising copy for buying &  selling homes and messaging to Private Lenders.

BONUS #4: Mitch's Resources Section

  • Mitch's Resources

    Mitch shares all of his favorite and MOST useful websites, systems, Contacts, tips, tricks, and more in this Bonus. Refer to this often as we update it weekly with the latest information.

SPECIAL BONUS #5: [EXCLUSIVE] 22 weeks of the Best of the Best Live Q & A Calls... 45 Fantastic Hours of Training!


  • Recorded Q & A Calls Where Students Ask Questions and Mitch Answers

    Mitch has been showing up – In Person- for his “Live” Group Coaching calls every week since November 2011.  Each call is recorded and archived.  The ability to talk to a pro, once a week, can change everything; especially for new investors.

    If you listen to the archived Q&A calls in order, you’ll hear investors stepping up to buy their 1st house, then 2nd, then 3rd, 4th, 10th, 15th, 20th – on and on.  Hear investors commit to finding private money and then begin growing; finding private money for their first time, 2nd time , for their 3rd deal, 4th deal…on an on.

    This is a course within our system that will be worth taking the time to review. We have listed the talking points of what was discussed so you can easily find what you are most interested in hearing about.

    It’s a great confidence builder. If they can do it, YOU can do it!

  • The Art of Owner Finance Pro Online Training Course
  • BONUS #1: Owner Finance One Day Workshop
  • BONUS #2: Live Main Event Recordings
  • BONUS #3: Resources Page
  • BONUS #4: Downloadable Forms
  • SPECIAL BONUS #5: [EXCLUSIVE] 22 weeks of the Best of the Best Live Q & A Calls... 45 Fantastic Hours of Training!


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