The Real Estate Investing Technique that Blows Being A Landlord Away!

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  • Owner Finance 101 Presentation

    Mitch Stephen, Author of “My Life and 1000 Houses” walks you through the basics of using the owner finance real estate investing technique as a way to generate cash flow without many of the hassles associated with landlording.

  • Book Shipped to You!

    A signed paperback copy of Mitch’s Autobiography “My Life & 1000 Houses” will be shipped to you as a bonus.


About Mitch Stephen

Mitch Stephen is a full time real estate investor and Author of “My Life & 1000 Houses”, an autobiography about his struggles as a young entrepreneur on his way to eventually doing over 1,200 real estate deals.  Mitch lives in San Antonio Texas where he builds his single-family and commercial storage businesses and writes country music.